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New Brand Identity for UMSFLEC

New Brand Identity for UMSFLEC

Life-long learning is becoming popular as many are seeking better life opportunities through enhanced knowledge. Having a new brand identity for an education institution such as UMS Flexible Education Centre (UMSFLEC) requires a deep understanding of how it is perceived by its target audience that helps resonate a similar emotional engagement. DDEC was given the trust to initiate and create a new brand identity for UMSFLEC.

UMSFLEC provides learning for working adults wanting to pursue formal education. With a new brand identity for UMSFLEC that helps working adult learners feel they are part of an educated community, makes it worthwhile to understand the importance of initiating a brand identity for a targeted audience.

Working adult learners now have the opportunities to continue working and studying simultaneously. It can be a challenge to juggle both commitments, but with pure grit and determination, one can achieve a balance suited to their individual needs.

Brand New Brand Identity

UMSFLEC is open to all, but with its flexible education option, working adults are better at pacing their studies and balancing their work for optimal productivity. With such a foundation, UMSFLEC desires to become a centre of choice in the region for realising lifelong learning aspiration.

Initiating a new brand identity for UMSFLEC stems from its original brand, Pusat Luar Universiti Malaysia Sabah (PLUMS) where it is the centre of excellence for Universiti Malaysia Sabah’s working adult learners. PLUMS identity was largely relative to UMS as it uses the same logo with the PLUMS extension to differentiate its entity.

With a distinct vision and core strength of PLUMS, it was decided that the name PLUMS was rebranded as UMS Flexible Education Centre (UMSFLEC) to enable clarity of the brand.

Developing Voice and Values

Giving a brand a voice and values will make it easy for the brand to communicate them to the target audience. In a way, the values established for UMSFLEC will be the focal points for targeted audiences to align their personal values and the institution’s.

Given that UMSFLEC is a flexible education centre, other values that UMSFLEC embrace are Inclusivity, Collaborative, Integrity and Professionalism. These values provide a clearer brand identification for the people within the brand.

Being an inclusive and collaborative education centre, UMSFLEC is decided to have a casual, yet educated and factual tone of voice whenever it needs to convey any messaging to the masses.

However, the core message of UMSFLEC is that it offers flexibility in continuing studies while offering natural beauty within reach.

Visually Appealing

After deciding the new name, the visual appeal comes next. Taking inspiration from popular elements of Sabah, and progressive learning, the logo was designed to include recognisable elements of Sabah.

After several attempts at providing convincing designs, the new logo of UMSFLEC was approved.

As seen, the logo does not directly feature any recognisable elements of Sabah, yet the inspiration is taken from the Rafflesia flower, a popular flora in the jungles of Sabah.

The logo consists of a symbolic and stylised rafflesia. The flower’s contour is taken from a 45 degree angle. The petals are then stylised to illustrate the progress and development of learners’. The five petals represent the core values of UMSFLEC. The stroke in the mid-sections of letter F & E signifies the dynamism of flexible learning.

Three colours chosen are based on the parent institution logo that has the same prominent colours. Although the logo is starkly different from the parent logo, the correlation to it is the letter UMS and the colours used.

Consistent Branding

To ensure all brand assets maintain a consistent image and brand, DDEC utilised the graphical elements of the logo uniquely and with cautious necessity to evoke a sense of progressive learning.

For example, the petals of the stylised logo are in a curved shape which can be used as a singular function or as a group to signify dynamic flexible learning.

DDEC puts an importance for a brand identity to have brand imagery. This will help the audience to relate to the brand quicker. For UMSFLEC, the brand imagery features a wide range of working adult learners that have access to a rich natural environment for a well-rounded educational experience.

DDEC Enables Brand Clarity Through Complete Brand Development

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